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Tsujinoya Hananosyou


Address Awazu-onsen,Komatsu,Ishikawa
Phone 0761-65-1311
Fax 0761-65-1313

The large garden of 25000 tsubos has 1000 cherry trees. “Sakura festival" held in April every year,The hotel guests and even bathers can enter the garden until 9:00p.m.(bath fee: adult :1000yan, under primary school age :500yan, regular time :1:00-6:00p.m)The popular “Hanakai-yu” has 6 kinds of hot spring, which are Tsuboyu, Nekorobiyu etc. And in the summer, there is the pool which is very popular with families. The dish is Kaga Kaiseki , made of hokuriku seafood.The hotel with "hana no omotenashi” as a motto, is popular among women.

One day hot spring

Opening hours: 13:00-16:00
Fee: Adults: 1000 yan
Under elementary school student: 500 yan

Hotel Facilities

【Guest room】
 63 rooms (6 rooms with open-air bath)
 320 people
【Bathing facilities】
 Public bath, Open-air bath, Sauna, Hanakaiyu (Sakura-yu etc)
【Banquet rooms】
 Large grand hall, Medium grand hall, Banquet hall
【Other facilities】
 Conference room, Convention hall, Tea-ceremony room, Gallery, Coffee corner, Snack, karaoke room, Tennis court, Swimming pool etc.

1000 cherry trees
1000 cherry trees

Cherry in full bloom in April
Cherry in full bloom in April

Swimming pool
Swimming pool

Hot spring source in the garden
Hot spring source in the garden


Public bath for men
Public bath for men

Tea-ceremony room
Tea-ceremony room

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Parking lot
Total parking lot: about 200

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