Images Use Agreement

Terms of Use of image materials

Website sponsored by Komatsu Bussan Network Co., containing downloable pictures.

This collection contains pictures displaying the appeals of Komatsu City, such as famous places, landscapes, traditional arts and food culture. The collection was created for the purpose of promote broadly the sightseeting of Komatsu City. To use this site after read and agree with the the Terms of Use.


the images provided in this photo collection have a limit of resolution. If you seek a high-resolution image, please contact us directly.
In addition, the Administration pays attention on the picture data, but it should be noted that we have no responsibility of any issue that can be caused by the download or use of the picture.


Regarding the Image data of the photograph materials, copyright or other intellectual property rights are not handed over to the user. All copyrights are reserved by Komatsu city and by Tourism Bussan network. It is protected by the Copyright Act and the Copyright and Copyright in international law.


The photo collection`s data can be use for the city or tourist promotional purposes. The data can be used in its original format or edited.
If the user post the image data (inclusing the picture downloaded), please include in the subtitle: “Photography credits: Komatsu Tourism Bussan Network”.
It should be noted that, after a work product is completed, please kindly provide, free of charge, the printed work/magazione article in which the photo data has been used. In addition, in the case of the use of the website , please contact us with the address of the page that was used.
Address:Ishikawa-ken, Komatsu-shi, Doihara-machi 710
Komatsu Tourism Bussan Network
TEL:0761-21-8208 FAX:0761-21-8218

Prohibited acts

Based on the image data that is included in this photo gallery, the following activities is prohibitted. The violation of any of these items or in case of use that is other than the purposes definied here, the administration may request the suspension of the use, and request the collection and destruction to the burden of the user. In case of suffered damage, compesation claim may be requested.

  • It is forbidden to produce or sell products based on the image data (including downloaded image) from this photo gallery with implied warranty of merchantability (for example: digital stock data, calendar, post cards, etc.). The selling is also forbidden even if the image is partially edited, but as consequence is in the form that allows secondary use of material by a third person other than the user.
  • Use the photo material of this photo gallery with rental purpose or copy the photo material (including downloaded image) and sell/give to a third person.
  • Activities that by using the images of this photo gallery that may incur unlawful, misunderstanding, or defamation of names, violation of the law, actions that lead to criminal behavior, that infringe the copyrights, property or privacy of a third person; or activities which are contrary to public order and morality.
  • It is forbidden to attach the image data of this photo gallery and send it in large quantities of email such as mailing list, e-mail magazine or alike.
  • Paste in other place the direct URL link of the photo. (In case the user wishes to paste the URL link of the picture, please do it upon the permission of the Administrator.)

Compliance with the Terms

If you cannot comply with this Agreement, you may not loan the contents.