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From back row left, Gosyuin,Little little,
From front row left,Tsukiyomi-Yamaji Kurimushi-Youkan,Sekkatou,Rinzu-mochi

In a castle town Komatsu, There are many Japanese sweets shop. Quality sweet are made by the old method. Simple sweets used food made in Komatsu and original sweets, which made by traditional method, arranged in modern taste. Each of looks and taste are so delicious that we recommend all products.

Tsukiyomi-Yamaji Kurimushi-Youkan

It has a very delicate flavor of bamboo. Steaming with kudzu, refined sweet bean paste ball are used. Many chestnut, which are steaming hot sweet, are contained. In addition, they ranked high on kinds ranking of chestnut’s sweets.


Address 69 Daimoji-chou Komatsu
Phone 0761-22-0120


The dry Japanese sweets have good reputation among masters of tea ceremony. It is white like a snowball. The walnut, which is made in Hakusan, is wrapped in powder, which is mixed the best Wasanbon (suger) and Kanbaiko (rice powder). The refined sweet and the fragrant walnut produce a deep flavor.


Address 39-2 Kyou-machi Komatsu
Phone 0761-22-3000


Rinzu-mochi represents specialty product “Komatsu Rinzu”(silk). White and soft Habutae-mochi, which is smooth like a silk, wrapped white yohkan elevated taste. Elegance and cute sweets added Komatsuna.


Address 44 Youkaichi-machi Komatsu
Phone 0761-22-1286


Choco manju is formed Kuyou-mon. Smooth yolk bean paste ball are coated chocolate. Especially, those of the middle big chocolate are attractive. Bite-size choco manju “little little” has 5 kinds of taste, soybean, matcha, milk chocolate, strawberry, caramel.


Little little

Kaga-Kashidokoro Gosyuin

Address 34 Youkaichi-machi Komatsu
Phone 0761-21-8311

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