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Honjin Memorial Museum, Komatsu


Address 19,Marunouchi-kouen-machi,Komatsu ,Ishikawa
Phone 0761-22-3384
Opening hours
(the entrance gate closes at 16:30)
Holiday Mon
The year-end and New Year holidays (December 29-January 3)
When a public holiday falls on Monday, we will be closed the following day.
We will be closed in-between exhibitions

Located in Rojo park. Honjin Jinichi 's collections are displayed,are modern Japanese paintings and ceramics,The building was designed by kurokawa kisyou,who is the famous architect in the world . (Honjin Jinichi is the banker from komatsu city)

Admission fee

Under high school student ・Over 65 years old: Free
Adult: 300 yen

(We have group rates etc. Special exhibition need special admission fee)

★Komatsu Museum Passport
1week ticket (expiration date: 1 week including the first use day) 500 yen
Annual ticket (expiration date: until March 31, the end of the year) 1,500 yen
※You can view the regular exhibitions at the 11 target facilities as many times as you like before the expiration date.

Inside museum
Inside museum

Interesting window
Interesting window

Triangle window
Triangle window

Heart window
Heart window

Roof of the pine
Roof of the pine

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Access Map

15 minutes walk from JR Komatsu station
10 minutes by car from Komatsu I.C
10 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport
Parking lot
Parking lot at Komatsu city hall
We have for full sized car parking spaces, please contact us in advance.
Accessible Restroom

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