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Rennyo-Yama Shiseki Park

Stone pillar of starting point for a climb
Stone pillar of starting point for a climb

Address Takinoue,Nishimata-machi,Komatsu,Ishikawa

In 1580, Ikkou ikki (peasant which share the same religion uprising) took a big hit from by Oda Nobunaga. Ryoji, who had been a member of Choenji, was chased by the soldiers of Katsuya Shibata and died on the way to the Nishimata in the mountains. After his death, a tombstone was made near the summit, and it became called "Rennyo-yama". A distance between a start of the trail to a mountaintop is about 500m. At the mountaintop, you can view a beautiful Hakusan.

Mountain trail
Mountain trail

Explanation board
Explanation board

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45 minutes by car from JR Komatsu station

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