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Ecology Park Komatsu

Address Shinzaburoudani-1,Oono-machi,Komatsu,Ishikawa
Phone 0761-41-1600
Opening hours
Sightseeing is possible:
(1) 9:00, (2) 10:30, (3) 13:30-, (4)1 5:00-
Holiday Sun

Ecology Park Komatsu dispose general waste in Komatsu.There are a recycling center, which promote waste reduction and recycling,and an incineration facility, which can dispose 110ton waste a day, and a final disposal site . They promote circulating society.



Center visit tour

Detail: Refuse incineration plant, recycling center etc.
Number of people: 100 people
Time required: 70 minutes
Guide service: Yes
Foreign language: Not available
Camera or film: Allowed

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Access Map

20 minute by car from JR Komatsu station
30 minute by car from Komatsu Airport
Parking lot
Please contact us in advance
Reservation is required. For further details, please contact us.

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