What kind of place is Komatsu?

 Komatsu city, located in the southwest of Ishikawa prefecture. With the sacred mountain Hakusan to the east, and the sea of Japan to the west, is blessed with beautiful scenery and abundance natural beauty. An area is 371 ㎢ and population of about 110,000 people.
 Considering remains, the first footprint of the human is 20,000 years ago in Komatsu. Important remains ware excavated in Yayoi village in the 2,400 years ago. The clay of the Tumulus periods is also rare.
350 years ago, Maeda Toshitsune, the lord of Kaga, retired and moved to Komatsu castle. He pressed forward with urban maintenance.

 “Komatsu Rinzu”(satin) and“Komatsu Omote”(tatami made from Komatsu igusa ) ,“Kutaniyaki ceramic”are famous in Japan. And Komatsu city is the birthplace of “Komatsu Ltd”(machine industry) . there are many companies connected company of “Komatsu Ltd”.

 Komatsu has several sites of interest. The Ataka Barrier ruins, famous as the setting for the kabuki play“Kanjinchou”,“Awazu onsen”,The oldest hot spring in the Hokuriku. Because The poet Matsuo Basho visited Komatsu twice as Described in his collection “The Narrow Road to the Deep North”,
We can think that Komatsu is an attractive town.


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