Download of Komatsu`s post cards

We sellected postcards with Komatsu`s recommended landscapes and sightseeing. Please download and use it.

Precautions for use data

  • Data is in PDF format. Download and use it without change the pictures.
  • The data that will be downloaded are post cards. Do not use the data for other purposes than private enjoyment.
    It is prohibeted to sell, distribute, rent or lend the pictures or the post cards.
  • Komatsu Bussan Network own the right of data copyrights and usage licence.
  • Other prohibited acts are expressed on the bottom of this page.

How to use

  1. 1. click on the photo. A window with pdf file will be opened. Depending on the computer, it can be downloaded automatically.
  2. 2. In the print out setting, set the “actual size”

Download the post cards

It is prohibited the following uses.

  • Use that infringe or might infringe intellectual property rights, such as writing, trademark right; property right, privacy right, publicity right or violate someone`s portrait rights.
  • Action that puts an excessive load on the network, system, etc. or use that could interfere with the operational management.
  • Provide the photografic material to other photo stock service.
  • Use that goes against public order and morals.
  • Antisocial use.
  • Use the URL link of the picture or post card. (In case the user wishes to use the URL link of the picture or post card, please do it upon the permission of the Administrator.)
  • Use that might conflict with the laws such as crimes.
  • Use for adult / manners and customs / eroticism / religion / drug / strike / demonstration / repulsion group / drug / knight service / Dating purposes.
  • Use that can disturb other people.
  • Use that the administrator judges to be inappropriate.
  • Defamatory use or use that can do harm.