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Komatsu-shi has various some of Japan's most famous vehicles

Airplane Railway Car Constructing machine Bus Canoe Bicycle

 Komatsu-shi is conveniently located from home and abroad. They haveKomatsu Airport, Komatsu Station, Komatsu I.C. And, it takes ten minutes to walkfrom the city area to the sea and secondary forest, whichis rare in the country.
 Additionally, you can see various vehicles and experience at facilities!Let’s go to Komatsu.


From Komatsu Airport viewing deck

Runway viewing spot

It's right there, a shiny wing!

 If you look up at the sky, you can see airplane in the sky.Because,it has Komatsu Airport andJapan Air Self-Defense Force Komatsu Air Base. The Air gateway for Hokuriku,Komatsu Airport for jointJapan AirSelf-Defense Force, you can view takeoff ofF-15 fighterfromviewing deck.
 And, it is only the viewing point, which you can see”Cargolux”, which is the international cargo airline based in Luxembourg, in Japan. So, Komatsu Airport attracted airline fans.

Japan Air Self-Defense Force World

 The only Fighting base, which have a fighting fleet in the Sea of Japan side.In order to defend Japan, they are training on a daily basis. They perform their task of national defense. On the other hand, Event is held to peacefully coexist with local people. Such as various lectures and Komatsu base “Noukyou-no-Yoube” (once a year), “Aviation festival” etc. They accept the visit to base. For details, visit Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s website.

The only aviation pavilion in the Sea of Japan side

 Ishikawa Aviation Plazais only aviation pavilion in the Sea of Japan side. 20 kinds of planes, such as, Blue Impulse, airplane for antarctic observation, helicopter, high-tech jet are displayed. Actually,there is the flight simulatorwhich pilot used. Children can enjoy adult too. During event, you can test riding.

In Ishikawa Aviation Plaza, you can test drive

Komatsu Airport Details

Viewing deck:6:40 - 20:00
Admission fee (Viewing deck):Free
Inquiry:0761-23-6111(Hokuriku Air Terminal BuildingCorporation)

Komatsu Air Base Details

Inquiry:0761-22-2101(Komatsu Air Base public officer)

Ishikawa Aviation Plaza Details

Opening hours:9:00-17:00/Holiday:December 29-January 3 Holiday
Admission fee:Free(Paid simulator)

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Steam locomotive in Pop Railway

The last light railway in Japan

 Railway’s fans visit Pop Railway Museum.This museum exhibits steam locomotive and a diesel railcar.The last light railway “Ogoya railway” in Japan is displayed. And, during event once in a month, youcan test drive diesel railcarKiha No. 3andrailway passenger car “Hafu No.1”.

Ogoya railway!

 Inside Awazu Park, on Ishikawa Children's Activity Center, old Ogoya railway “Nakayoshi railway” is run. Round-trip of 10 mins, the track has railroad crossing.KihaNo. 1 usually runs, also DC 121 and Hohafu 3, hohafu 8, which kept in a garage, is run a few times a year.Children and railway fans visit from nation and enjoy seeing running Ogoya railway and test drive.

Nakayoshi railway’s track
has railroad crossing

Ogoya Railway vehicle runs
into the trees

Nakayoshi railway,
DC121in garage

Bonnet Express Train in the square !?

The popular Bonnet 489 series has been displayed and stored from April 2013 near the JR Komatsu Station. Although the Plaza is open at any time, tour in the train is opened to the public on Saturdays and national holidays. Wagon tour is free, but the tour in the driver's seat cabin is 300 yen, used for donations. For further details, please refer to the Facebook page.

Bonnet Express Train Kuha 489-501

n days opening to the public, it is possible to tour inside the wagon

Pop Railway Museum Details

You can visit in the museum any time (Lighting time:9:00-17:00)
Admission fee:Free
Inquiry:0761-67-1122(Ogoya Copper Mining Museum))

Nakayoshi Railway Details

Running day:Wednesday 11:30, Saturday and Sunday, Holiday11:30 and 15:30
Not runningday:Third Sunday, Rainy weather, Wintertime (The middle of December-The middle of March)
Ishikawa Children's Activity Center at Komatsu Holiday:Monday, The following day of the holiday
Admission fee: Free

Doihara Bonnet Plaza Details 詳細

Opening hours: 10:00 to 16:00
Opening Periods: From late-March to mid-December, open on Saturdays, National holiday, and long holidays such as Golden Week, Spring break and Summer break.
Driver`s seat tour ride: students from elementary school - 300 yen (for donation),
Preschoolers - Admission Free (accompanied by parents)
Group Visit: From 4 to 15 people - 3,000 yen/per group.
From 16 people or more ? 200 yen/person
Location: 772 Doihara-machi, Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture)
Contact: 090-7087-5011 (Preservation Society Secretariat)

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The first gasoline-powered car.

Only excellent car!

 Fans visit from all over Japan. Motercar Museum of Japan is the mecca of car. It hasexcellent car and only car in Japan, such as classic cars, many cars around the world.

Motercar Museum of Japan Details

Opening hours:9:00-17:00(The entrance gate closes at 16:30)
Holiday:December 26-December 31
Admission fee:Adult 1000 yen, Until Junior high student 500 yen

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Constructing machine

The birthplace of “KOMATSU”!

 It was born now here 90 years agoKomatsu city is the birthplace of “Komatsu Ltd” which is machine industry company. So, worldwide company maker was born as “Komatsu iron here 90 years ago,near the JR Komatsu.Awazu Factory is operated yard. You can visit the assembling line of the construction machine, which is an active part(please make a reservation in advance).

Great force ”Komatsu 930E”

One of the largest dump truck!

 “Komatsu-no-mori” was opened in old Komatsu factory ruins.“Debut in Japan” One of the world's largest dump truck! You can test drive "Komatsu 930E” and shovel a ball at Mini power shovel. Visitors can learn about constructing machine and to experience-based corner.

Komatsu Awazu Factory Details

Visiting:Visiting is limited, please apply
Admission fee:Free
Inquiry / Apply:0761-21-3121(Komatsu Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

Komatsu-no-Mori Details

Opening hours:9:00-16:30 (The entrance gate closes at16:00)
Holiday:The second and fourth Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday (It opens twice each month on Saturday)
Admission fee:Free

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Process of manufacture

The bus factory of the world top-class

 JBUS Corporation only produce hybrid bus in Japan。In 2002, Hino Motors, Ltd. and Isuzu Bus Production merge and became JBUS in 2002. There is head office factory in Komatsu-shi. Top class factory has full-scale bus production. You can visit the production process of sightseeing bus. (Please apply)

JBUS Corporation Details

Inquiry / Apply:0761-44-8610

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Excellent player is produced!

 Kibagata lake is known as “one of Japan's major canoe competition site”, which has 9 lanes, 1,000m course.Top-ranked canoeist is training in Japan. It is registered as JOC canoe competition reinforcement center for London Olympics. Overlooking Hakusan from lake.

The Kibagata is famous as a canoe competition site.

Kibagata Canoe Stadium Details


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For child and adult, Easily used
MTB course (mountain bike course)

Feeling wind of Satoyama, you can run.

 Mountain bike course is located in Higashiyama-cho, Komatsu-shi.This course is not known by citizen, which is excellent course.And, it can rental bicycle for child and adultsby free.

BMX ridersgather from the whole country

 Komatsu station square is BMX Mecca. On weekday evening, it iscrowded with local riders, on weekend, Fan gather fromprefecture outside and training.Sometimes, event and contest are held, jump and a somersault. The school of BMX is held once a month.(by A-branch)


In front of Komatsu station, BMX mecca!

National convention is held

Inside town, Let’s enjoy freely cycling Komatsu

 In everyday life, useful vehicle is bicycle!Komatsu-shi reuses illegally parked bicycle and rental bicycle, which is maintenance d and checked by Ishikawa bicycle and light car cooperative association Komatsu branch office. Let’s enjoy freely walking Komatsu.

Enjoy rent-a-bicycle!

Riding a bicycle and sightseeing cycle

 Kibagata park one lap of 6.4km. Looking overHakusan from Kibagata lake,cycling around. You can enjoy a flower and the wild bird of the season.

Komatsu-shi mountain bike course

They have rent-a-bike for children and adult
Admission fee:Free
Available date:Every Saturday and Sunday and public holiday from March to November
Holiday:From December to February it will be closed due to snow cover etc
Inquiry:0761-20-2386 Available date only

Komatsu Rent-a-bicycle

Reception counter:Komatsu Tourism & Local Products Network
Opening hours:9:00-18:00(Opening hours: until 17:00)/Holiday:December 29-January 3
Admission Fee:1 car 300yen(One day), total 15 cars
Address:710,Doihara-machi, Komatsu

Kibagata Park Details

Reception counter:Minami park
Opening hours:8:30-16:00
They have rent-a-bike for children and adult,bicycle with training wheels
Adult: until 90 minutes 200 yen (Rental bicycle: 35 bicycles)

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