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Specialty product of Kaga domain. Also, Bashou

“What is main specialty product of Kaga domain?”
“ I think it is Komatsu.”
Today, we don’t know whether it was correct in history.”

In 1755,“Onkuni-onmetsuke-syuuhe-onkotae-chou” (old document) was written: When a shogunate officer asked main specialty product of Kaga-domain, Kaga officer tended to answer “Zoukan-abune” and “Some-tazuna” of Kanazawa, “Futae-katginu” and “Kan-udon” of Komatsu. Before then, Komatsu udon was sent to Matsuo Bashou (poet). In 1689, Jin-sei, a poet in komatu, sent two box of “Kan-udon” (dried udon), and Bashou answered, “It is exceptionally rare Kan-udon”.
Further, in 1694, historical record of “Komatsu Kyuki” (Komatsu old diary) describes: In the letter Komatsu-chou officer send to Kaga domain kitchen magistrate about “Kan-udon”, which was written that the order of udon using Soba powder and making by hand, drying over charcoal-grilled and name of Kameya Tokuuemon as udon maker.
He made udon with the same conditions as the order. And he made the complete udon pushed “Kame” by indigo color and wrapped up it the paper written by “Kan-udon”. And then they presented Bashou.

Komatsu is birthplace of the well-established udon restaurant.

in the end of the Meiji period,
in front of the JR komatsu station
(photograph by Komatsu City Museum)

After that, in the Meiji period, “Kdochou” (udon shop) was founded near JR Komatsu station. Udon became a boon to the general public. The shop owner was “Wada Choubei, who is an uncle of Wada Denshirou, past mayor of Komatsu. In 1897, before a railroad had opened, the shop was established in corner of station. It became popular, and new shops of the same chain increased. (“corner” is pronounced as “Kado” in Japanese)
Now there are many Kdochou in Kanawawa, it is a little known fact the root of Kdochou is “Komatsu udon” which was born in Komatsu. Unfortunately, there is not Kdochou in Komatsu.
In 1905, “Nakasa” was opened by Mitsuno Kikumatsu (in Nishi-chou). Mr. Kikumatsu has a large family, each of brothers opened “Nakasa honten (head office)” and “Nakasa Nishiten”, “Nakasa Kitaten”. Later, the people, who trained in those shops, opened independent shop, “Naka-oto” and “Naka-ishi ”, which named prefix is “Naka”. Komatsu is major udon spots among the locals who really know.

“Nobori (flag)” is the mark of Komatsu udon, total 70 udon shops

And, now visitor and business travelers say, “Komatsu udon is delicious”. Komatsu udon has been specialty food and loved by people since 300 years ago. In 2010, “Komatsu Udon Tsuru-Tsuru souken” was opened to make more people know it and to promote town build up. They recruit member's store of Komatsu udon and promote to become branding.
70 member's store of Komatsu udon putting up red flag. Each of shops devises their special arrangements for udon according to the definition of Komatsu udon. It’s characteristic is white needles, which are thin and soft. And, Hakusan’s underflow water and fish-based soup is light taste. Every shop has its own taste, making it fun to try udon at different shops.

「8 Rules of Komatsu Udon」
1, Noodles must be produced in Komatsu.
2, Noodles must be handmade or like handmade.
3, Amont of water addition must be over 35%W.W under 52%W.W to wheat flour.
4, Solt water must be average 10% concentration
5, Mother water must be reservoirs of Hakusan
6, Soup must be used mainly Urume, Muroaji(horse mackerel),Sabakatsuo(mackerel bonito),seaweed.
7, ingredients must use local foods.
8, Chefs must wish for the development of Komatsu, boiling Udon.

“Komatsu Udon Tsuru-Tsuru souken”
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